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Introducing, Janice!  ... Supportive Housing Resident and Volunteer


Janice has been an important member of the Street Haven community for over 15 years.  She lives in our Supportive Housing and is now a volunteer. Janice is a Street Haven Shero because of her invaluable contributions to creating a welcoming environment in our Emergency Shelter. The long list of chores Janice completes every day means that our 50 residents can enjoy tidy common spaces and that there is always a hot pot of coffee on the go!  Janice is a mentor and leader in the community who is always willing to offer guidance and friendship to new residents. With her winning personality, her wisdom and her eagerness to lend a hand, we are so pleased to honour Janice as our first Street Haven Shero!  

Janice shares some of what she does every day to assist with the functioning of the Shelter:

  • Change seven garbage bags on main floor
  • Clean tables and counter tops
  • Fill forks, knives and spoons
  • Fill sugar, creamer and tea bags
  • Make coffee
  • Make juice for supper
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Disinfect serving area for supper
  • Put out plates for supper
  • Fill salad dressings
  • Fill napkin dispensers
  • Distribute Bingo cards and chips and then collect them and lock away in cupboard on Bingo Night (every other week with the two volunteers)

​Thank you, Janice, for everything you do for all the women of Street Haven!​