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My Journey as Moss Park Community Member, Toronto Community Housing Corporation Resident, and Outspoken Community Activist

What’s my greatest strength? My mouth. Like breathing, I never hold back from exposing the truth. I speak my mind, speak from my heart, and speak with my feet planted on the ground.  As an active representative of my Moss Park community, ..... Click for the full article.

The Street Haven Training Services provides free educational and pre-employment services for women. We deliver programming ... 

Women Supporting Women 

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Do you need information about financial assistance, mental health support, employment support, childcare, housing, food, clothing and shelter?
Find help at or call/chat/text/email 2-1-1.

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We provide supportive housing for 32 women in three different locations in downtown Toronto, each with a varying degree of staffing based on the clients' level of need for support in ....

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Street Haven at the Crossroads offers pathways for women experiencing or at risk of homelessness, through a variety of integrated services.

Outreach and Support Services:

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Due to COVID-19. The Shelter is open with some restrictions

Due to COVID-19. Services are limited. Please call for details

This 50-bed shelter serves women, providing the basic living needs of shelter, safety, meals, clothing, hot showers, medical and other necessary resources and supports for a variety of challenges ....


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Addiction Services

Peggy Ann Walpole worked as a nurse in the Emergency Room of St. Michael’s Hospital in the 1950’s. There she encountered many women who suffered from the debilitating effects of life on the street; violence, isolation, poverty and poor health. Peggy Ann was frustrated, knowing that once these women were treated and discharged, most had nowhere safe to go.

And so Peggy Ann founded Street Haven at the Crossroads in 1965, a drop-in centre where women could have a cup of coffee and access assistance, without judgement.

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