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Introducing, Prosthodontic Associates/Phoenix Smiles!  Major Service Donors!


Prosthodontic Associates is a world-renowned dental facility in Toronto, led by Dr. Izchak Barzilay.  He and his team have provided free dental care to communities in Uganda for several years.  In 2016, the team wished to extend their charitable work to those in need closer to home and created Phoenix Smiles, partnering with Street Haven to provide reconstructive dentistry to women experiencing homelessness. 

Since then Phoenix Smiles has restored the smiles of five women who required extensive dental work, supplying all the necessary materials as well as the teams’ time and expertise.  In addition, they regularly send much needed dental supplies to the women residing at the Street Haven Emergency Shelter including toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss.  And over the holidays, the team organized a drive to supply Street Haven’s clothing donation room.
“As prosthodontists we have so much to offer to our patients both here and abroad.  Phoenix Smiles has partnered with Street Haven to provide smiles to those who have had their smiles taken away due to circumstance.  A smile is so important in many ways and we hope that by providing the outer smile, we can enhance the inner smile.” 

Dr. Izchak Barzilay  Owner, Prosthodontic Associates

​Thank you Prosthodontic Associates/Phoenix Smiles, for all that you do for the women at the Street Haven!